The glaze program calculates the Segerformula from a max. of 15 different materials, which are stored in a database.(one can easily add one's own data to the database )
The uniqueness of this program is that 25 recipes are calculated and shown at the same time, whereby the experiments are arranged in an orderly fashion.
Besides the Segerformula the lineair expansion coef. and the surface tension are calculated.
The program also calculates the weight percentage of the oxides.
The opposite is also possible, for example from the weight perc. of the oxides and the LOI(lost of ignition) the program gives the chemical formula and the mol. weight, whereby this can be easily added to the database.
The unused areas in the Excel sheet are removed "automaticaly" so the redundant information doesn't show.

Click here to see the results of the calculation.

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The program is made in Excel 2000 and uses Macros.